The Art of Illusion

Nothing you see in this scene is what it appears to be. It is a mirage, the daemon in the guise of a masked owl, the empty faces permeating the setting, the whisperings that so much of what we think we see and know is in actuality shrouded in illusion.

The inspiration for this hit me one day when I was walking through the woods and, for no apparent reason, my eyes were suddenly drawn to the ground, to what appeared to be this tiny face looking up at me. On closer inspection, it turned out to be a halved walnut, yet it still seemed to be watching me, as if it were a mask with some unseen face behind it.

Medium: watercolor, white gouache, and metallic acrylic on watercolor canvas
Size: 11×14 inches
Year: 2016
Original: sold
Prints: [link]

fantasy | surreal | birds | watercolor | 2016

The Art of Jessica Rohr